MAIDEN is an upcoming Designers Brand based in Athens.
It stands for the power of free will and the right for free expression.
Soul purity and liberty is manifest in Maiden projects.

All garments are designed by Maiden Creative Director/
Fashion Designer Angeliki Kotroni and are manufactured in Greece.

The Brand praises diversity and individuality of personal style and choices.
It approaches fashion with a subversive, almost nihilistic way
and rejects traditional concepts and attitudes of fashion.
Paradoxically, this questioning and rejection is conducted
from the perspective of honest Art and Fashion.

Irony is the main approach towards the oppressions
and stereotypes of contemporary society, while Maiden Brand
reacts to the negative- proposing in return humor, absurdity
and scandals [noun scan·dal \ˈskan-dəl\, from Greek skandalon ,
original meaning”trap enemy”]

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